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SibEnzyme Mini Bio-Bar Program
The SibEnzyme Mini Bio-Bar Program is The Best Choice for researchers looking for world's finest restriction enzymes and related products round the clock.
In Case of Co-Operation we will offer the following Support
World’s finest restriction enzymes and related products will be stocked inside the campus and will be made available to researchers round the clock.
Initial stock of $2500 will be kept in the stock,
and institute will pay at the end of every month for what they use.
Inventory is determined by usage patterns.
Promotional samples will be kept in the same freezer and distributed free of cost to students.
A complementary freezer will be supplied to maintain the stock.
Support Expecting from Institute
Institute should help us in listing initial $2500 inventory list from SibEnzyme range of products
Institute should take the responsibility of maintaining the stock and placing the order for exhausted enzymes or new products.
Order Execution and Payment related issues
Entire SibEnzyme Mini Bio-Bar Program will be executed by Authorized Local Distributor