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SibEnzyme (Russia)
Pioneers in manufacturing Restriction Enzymes and Globally they stand in third position with respect to range of Restriction Enzymes.
Consort (Belgium)
pH meters, Electrophoresis Units, Power Packs, Geldocumentations, UV Cross Linkers etc.
Abzyme Biolabs
All cell culture plastic wares which includes, serological pipettes, cell culture plates, cell culture flasks, centrifuge tubes etc.,
Yamato Scientific America Inc.
Globally know for manufacturing bench top lab equipments.
Incubators, Freeze Dryers, Autoclaves, Water Baths, Vacuum Evaporators, Fume Hoods, Magnetic Stirrers, Shakers etc.,
Yeastern Biotech Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
Globally known for their patented product “E Competent Cells, they are having time saving, easy method and affordable products like DNA/RNA Direct Extraction Kits, PCR/RT-PCR, SYBR Green Kits etc
Vision Scientific (Korea)
With The Best Technology and Quality, wide variety of Centrifuges, Co2/O2/BOD Incubators/Shakers, Growth Chambers, Ovens, Autoclaves, Blood Bank Refrigerators, Deep Freezers.
Coyote Bio (China)
Coyote Bio, makes innovative personal devices in Life Science and Molecular Diagnostics. Coyote’s devices have portable features for field applications with 12V DC power or batteries. Every product has its own uniqueness, and you can hardly find a similar one in the market, with amazing prices.